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Welcome to gesbaseball.qc.ca  (Français)

gesbaseball.qc.ca welcomes you! As a user of gesbaseball.qc.ca (FREE APPLICATION), you will have tools which are adequate, efficient and fast for the management of your baseball team. It will be easy for you to create your Web site in just a few minutes. No programming code is necessary.

gesbaseball.qc.ca offers multiple functions: alarms, schedules (games, gym, tournaments, etc...), team activities, computer games, information on the players and the coaches, statistics, information for the parents, many templates for the coaches, budget, photo albums and links to access a desired Web site.

gesbaseball.qc.ca is also an educational and training site which is dedicated to the respect of values and proper enjoyment for our young baseball fans.

And now... it's your play!

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gesbaseball.qc.ca news

2008-06-27 - Statistics

We have brought changes in the statistics in order to simplify their calculations and make them more accurate. We have also changed, deleted or added some data fields. This may have affected some of your statistics. Here are a few points to be checked in the "Administrator" section. Alignment section o We have added a field for the number of innings per category. This field is defined as 9 by default. However, for every game, you must correct it (if need may be) and save the change (even if you do not make any changes). This step will adjust the number of innings for your game. Team section o This section is now in second position in the data entry line-up. We have added the field PTS (game points, automatic calculation of the total points of each inning). It is no longer calculated from the PT of the Offensive section. o The field BH (Base Hits) must be filled in for the game. This field is used for team statistics. As for the remainder of the statistics section, the formulas have been adjusted. Please consult the on line help using the button "Help" which will give you the information on the screen you are presently viewing. Thank you for cooperation. These changes have allowed us to update our products so that we may better serve you.

2008-06-09 - Statistics Section

The online help is now complete for the statistics. We also work to optimize the data entries and the calculations being related with the statistics. Your comments help us to improve our product. Thank you for your collaboration.

2008-06-07 - Welcome

Gessoft Inc welcomes you

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