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Free subscription process (1/4) Agreement to the rules of utilization

The subscription contains:

The subscription to gesbaseball.qc.ca is for a period of 12 months beginning on the date of the subscription and it is totally free!

The free application of the gesbaseball.qc.ca Web site was conceived to give an optimum performance with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.
The browser Ms-Explorer 6.0 or higher is also recommended.

Commitment to the rules of utilization of gesbaseball.qc.ca:

As user, parent, player, coach, visitor or administrator of the gesbaseball.qc.ca Web site, I hereby agree to respect the following regulations:"

  • No type of aggression whatsoever will be tolerated on the team's Web site whether it is directed towards the referees, the players, the coaches, the opponents, the managers, the parents, the spectators or others.
  • All pictures pertaining to pornography or sex are strictly forbidden.
  • All written information must respect others at all times.
  • No schedule or statistic pertaining to the players or the teams will have priority over those officially kept by the league of which the team is part of.
  • The storage capacity of pictures is limited for each team.
  • Transparency will prevail at all levels.
  • The copying of the software and the output of the content for commercial use are forbidden.

In the event of the non-observance of the regulations abovementioned, gesSoft inc. will have the right to intervene and discuss the matter with the team's manager or coach in order to take the proper measures which may be a simple warning but which could also result in the immediate and complete annulment of the defaulting team's Web site.

I have taken cognizance of the abovementioned regulations and I hereby agree to respect the said regulations concerning the use of gesbaseball.qc.ca. 

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